Vice-president for academic affairs

Romain Martin took office as Vice President for Academic Affairs on 1 March 2016. He is responsible for the higher education (Bachelor and Master) and continuing vocational and lifelong learning programmes offered at the University of Luxembourg.

His mission is to advance quality and innovation in learning and teaching at the University, by:

  • Supporting the University community to discover and exploit better ways to learn and teach;
  • Guaranteeing a user-friendly, state-of-the-art infrastructure for the effective delivery of the University's study programmes;
  • Involving faculty and students in strategic initiatives for digitally enhanced, competence oriented learning and teaching;
  • Watching over the integrity of the University's academic policies and the effective administration of student records across the entire student lifecycle;
  • Promoting student participation in University governance at all levels and sponsoring projects for a vibrant academic community at the University of Luxembourg.

Romain Martin's team at the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs consists of Stefanie Knill, advisor on strategic planning and projects, academic policy, and organisational matters, Karina Abdelkader, personal assistant responsible for secretarial duties, office management, and communication, and Jan Zutavern, quality officer in charge of developing the University's system for quality assurance in teaching and learning.

Prof. Dr. Romain Martin
Vice-recteur académique

Stefanie Knill
Advisor of the Vice-president for academic affairs
Karina Abdelkader
Personal Assistant of the Vice-president for academic affairs
Jan Zutavern
Quality Officer at the Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs