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New Book edited by Ariane König: Regenerative Sustainable Development of Universities and Cities

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Publié le mercredi, 05 mars 2014

This book’s case studies from North America, Europe and Asia highlight an enormous, but as yet untapped, potential for achieving social and technological change in cities worldwide. The authors show how university campuses around the world can be “living laboratories” to investigate and demonstrate the practicality of “regenerative sustainability”, which looks beyond environmental damage control to a vision of urban development that actually improves environmental quality and human welfare. If these ideas catch on, they could literally change the world. – Steve Rayner, Oxford University, UK

Now that the Earth has reached the limits of its biophysical carrying capacity, we have to change technologies, social practices and social norms relating to material production and consumption to ensure that we do not further jeopardize the functioning of our planet’s life support systems. Through research, education and civic engagement, universities have a pivotal role to play in this transition. This timely book explores how universities are establishing living laboratories for sustainable development, and examines the communication networks and knowledge infrastructures that underpin impact both on and beyond the campus.

The expert contributors present case studies of living laboratories being built in leading universities across four continents. Their aim is to cultivate the transition to sustainable development by actively fostering social and technological change to improve use of natural resources and reduce pollution. They are designed to link research, education and practice and to integrate knowledge across disciplines to develop more socially robust approaches to improving sustainability. Directing attention to what enables and constrains learning in communities of multiple and very diverse stakeholders in such laboratories can contribute to a better general understanding of factors influencing the chance of success (or failure), and the institutional arrangements, norms and values that accompany it.

Focussing on social learning processes to drive societal change for sustainable development, this fascinating book will prove an invaluable read for academics, researchers, students and policy makers in the fields of higher education, regional and urban studies, public policy and the environment, and development studies.

Contributors: B. Baletić, T. Becker, T. Berkhout, A. Campbell, A. Cayuela, S. Chen, M. Dalbro, J. Evans, M. Hesse, J. Holmberg, M. Holme Samsøe, Y. Hua, J.-H. Kain, A. Kildahl, H. Komatsu, A. König, N. Kurata, S. Liao, U. Lundgren, B. Meehan, E. Omrcen, T. Ozasa, M. Polk, C. Powell, J. Robinson, H. Tan, T. Ueno

2013 352 pp Hardback 978 1 78100 363 3 £90.00
Elgaronline 78 1 78100 364 0

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