AIESEC Luxembourg



 AIESEC is an entirely youth-led not-for-profit organisation present in over 125 countries and territories, and active since 1948.
 We provide young people with the opportunity to grow and learn in an exciting new environment, undertaking enriching cross-cultural experiences while having a positive impact on world and developing relevant skills for their future careers.
 We do not discriminate and we are non-political. We firmly stand for our own vision for the world: peace and the fullfilment of humankind’s potential.
 To achieve this amibition, in 2010 we set our BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) for AIESEC: to engage with and develop the skills of every young person on the planet.
 If you want to know more abour our vision, have a look at this video.

Executive Board



François Lange

LC President