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Esch 2022 - Candidate City for European Capital of Culture


Esch and the South want to become European Capital of Culture!

With the decision to become European Capital of Culture, the city of Esch has embarked on an exciting adventure, together with the southern municipalities of Luxembourg and the CCPHVA (Communauté des communes Pays Haut Val d'Alzette) on the French side of the border. The candidacy is now in the hot phase of its preparation. In mid-September a 100 pages bid book will be submitted to an international jury that will decide on November 10th   whether Esch and the South get the label.
Considering the diversity of the population with over 120 nationalities in this area, we have put our candidacy under the motto of REMIX CULTURE. Moreover, the contradictions that characterize our country are, in their deepest core, European. “United in diversity”, as it is often said, is a wonderful motto which must be continually worked on. In the south of Luxembourg we experience this every day. Nevertheless we are convinced that we must not only build on our past, but also on our future.

In all of these contradictions, stress fields and challenges lies an immeasurable potential of creativity, which must be encouraged. That is why we want to put culture in the center of our society and use its transversal forces.
There is scarcely any conceivable region in Europe, where a possible future of our continent can be better and clearer outlined than in Esch and the south of Luxembourg.
By saying that the mixing of cultures is the adequate form of cultural shifting, we are creating a political statement that has its roots in the historic and social background of the candidate city and its surrounding region. Esch is then the ideal center of Europe, founded on coal and steel in a man-made industrial landscape. Where, if not here, in that unifying view of the past and the future, can we find answers to the questions: Why do we still need Europe? Where do we stand in globalization? Is there a chance for a political settlement and should it extend to the Urals?
Our artistic program is also presented under the motto of REMIX CULTURE. The guidelines of our program are developed into four subcategories. In the REMIX EUROPE chapter, we are concerned with the major issues that have affected Europe and will focus on the future. In REMIX NATURE, we focus on all the projects that are linked to landscapes in the widest sense of the word. With these projects we want to draw attention to the specifics of our region and change our view of them with the help of digital media. In REMIX YOURSELF, we bundle projects that place people at the center of reflection and ask questions about the individual's position in a society led by seemingly superior forces. In REMIX ART, we develop works of art that have a radiance far beyond our borders and attract people who would otherwise never come to our region.
With our artistic program, we want to work together on four areas of our daily life.

We want to roll up our society from its margins and act as an integrative force (SOCIAL INCLUSION). We want to free art from its exile in the cultural institutions, by returning it to the public space and making it accessible to the population (PUBLIC SPACE). We want to equip the region with an enhanced sense of self-esteem by drawing attention to hidden treasures and above all, the great potential of creativity (LOCAL IDENTITY). And last but not least, we would like to improve the living conditions of our residents by promoting the professionalization of the sector and supporting initiatives in the creative industry (BETTER LIFE).

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On behalf of ESCH 2022 asbl

Andreas Wagner, General Coordinator
Janina Strötgen, Artistic Director


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